• Finding a job in Finland isn't easy

    Finland is a homogeneous country which may make it difficult for new immigrants to find a job that matches their professional level and experience.


    For Finnish employers, hiring a newcomer is often seen as a risk as foreign certificates and qualifications are less known and it takes time to check capabilities and create mutual trust.

    Hiring an international talent forces employers to leave their comfort zone and deal with issues of culture, language, and diversity.


    Unfortunately, many Finnish employers prefer to avoid taking that risk and end up hiring a Finn.

  • Growthbuilders is here to change that

    Growthbuilders offers international talents a unique opportunity to turn their foreign background into an advantage in the job market, to tackle real-world business challenges and expand their professional networks.


    Candidates who are accepted to the program will develop not only their competencies but also their innovation and communication skills, setting them apart as competitive employees in any field.

  • Turn your foreign background into an asset

    We assemble teams of international talents and partner them with local companies that target international markets.

    We coach the talents on growth marketing and facilitate the collaboration between each team and the partner company.

    Learn new skills

    Acquire knowledge on growth marketing from coaches and expert mentors

    Partner with a Finnish company

    Put your skills to practice, collaborate with other talents and help local companies achieve their growth goals.

    Build your network

    Grow your network with other international talents, partner companies, coaches and expert mentors.

  • Become a Growthbuilder

    If you are a recent immigrant to Tampere with several years of professional experience in any field you are welcome to apply.

    The program lasts 4 weeks and requires your attendance at least 3 days per week.


    The next batch will start on :

    November 1st.
    The application deadline is :

    October 28th

  • Fall 2018 Projects

    Bermuda Marketing

    Marketing internationalisation

    Virtual Traveller

    360° travelling videos platform


    Career coaching assistant