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For many Tampere based companies, tapping to the potential of global markets is challenging. The differences in culture, behaviour and language can all act as barriers for market entry – in addition to insufficient knowledge of local markets and lack of valuable contacts.


Doing cold calls and visiting the target country every now and then just won’t do it, while reviewing market research reports full of stats can leave you clueless on how to take steps forward.


Taking concrete action with the help of an expert who has a suitable foreign background may solve many issues. However, hiring is demanding and risky as it’s not easy to find a trustworthy talent with a solid professional background and verified competence.


The increased migration to Finland opens new opportunities to benefit from the skills and know-how of immigrants. There are hundreds of experts with foreign backgrounds in Tampere region who can help businesses to expand internationally.


We are here to match you with relevant talents and provide a risk free platform that enables co-creation and building of trust.


Growthbuilders is one-month bootcamp with clear process, goals and cutting-edge collaboration tools and methods.


We connect you with several international talents willing to help you grow. From several talents we assemble a team of 2-3 with suitable competences to work closely with your company. We facilitate the work between you and the team and coach you on growth marketing in a lean way.


Next batch starts in mid-September!

If you are a growth-minded company based in Tampere or have significant business or R&D in the region and interested to hear more how Growthbuilders can help you, please leave your details through the contact form.

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